Velvet chair Restock Luxa black set of 4pcs

Original price was: 380.00 €.Current price is: 300.00 €.

The luxury velvet chair will add a new dimension to your dining moments. It creates a special atmosphere where you can enjoy not only the food, but also the design.

Product Description

Restock Luxa velvet armchair set 4pcs Black metal legs with reinforced construction. Adjustable footrests.

“Luxa Dining Chair by Velvet: Gorgeous Comfort and Sleek Elegance”

The Luxa velvet dining chair is not just an addition to your dining room, but a stylish interior object that will give your dining room a rich and full atmosphere. This chair combines a gorgeous velvet material with a sophisticated design, creating a remarkable and elegant impression.

Velvet dining room chair Luxa – it is much more than a simple chair. It is a source of expressive personality and artistic elegance that will create an exclusive atmosphere in your dining room. With elegance and comfort, the Luxa chair will provide a unique and lovely dining experience.”

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