Terrace table Dedon Panama round 100cm


The Dedon Panama patio table offers a 100cm surface that is wide enough to fit food, drinks and other items

4 in stock

4 in stock

Product Description

Dedon Panama terrace table 100cm. Available and viewable. The glass surface is not included in the price.

Meet the terrace terrace table Dedon Panama – a great balance between style and functionality, which will fit perfectly on your terrace. With its outstanding features and carefully crafted design, this table will create a truly pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for your outdoor events.

The Dedon Panama patio table offers a large surface that is wide enough to accommodate food, drinks and other items. Its size makes it an ideal place for both a family picnic and a group of friends.

The patio table is made of durable materials that ensure resistance to weather conditions and resistance to daily wear and tear. His design exudes modern simplicity and elegance while remaining practical. Dedon, as the world’s most famous terrace furniture manufacturer, offers only tables of unique design, which are very rare. EVERY Dedon product has its own serial number, which proves Dedon’s attention to detail. The special hular fiber material is developed and patented by Dedon, it has a very high resistance to all weather conditions and temperature fluctuations.

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