Linea velvet chair green with armrests

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Product Description

Linea green velvet armchair with armrests. Black metal legs.

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The Linea velvet armchair collection is a striking combination of refined design and unrestricted comfort. The chairs embody elegance and modernity, offering not only outstanding comfort but also visual appeal.

Each velvet chair is carefully crafted using high-quality velvet, giving the room an aristocratic feel and softness. The armrests not only provide stable support, but also add an attractive contrast to the overall design of the chair.

Linea velvet chairs are the perfect addition to any room, from the living room to the drawing room or study. The ergonomic shape of the chair ensures comfortable seating, even for long periods, while the armrests add both practicality and visual style.

If you’re looking not just for a chair, but also for furniture that makes a change and gives a room a special atmosphere, Linea velvet armchairs with armrests should definitely be part of your choice. Add elegance, comfort and style to your space with this collection of outstanding chairs.

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